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Promoted by Irene López and José Francisco Alfaya, DECIMONONIC is an experimental

transdisciplinary project that began in 2010, with avant-garde jewellery as the main focus. DECIMONONIC's creations aim for singularity through its main sources of inspiration, such as different 19th century artistic trends and streams of thought, and various retro-futurisms associated therewith: Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Symbolism and Decadentism, in conjunction with retro-futurisms such as Steampunk or Dieselpunk. Also, its pieces convey an underlying feel for the Victorian and post-Victorian era, together with the birth of the industrial culture and biomechanics.

Decimononic aims to become a comprehensive aesthetic offering with its special imagery – a universe of its own that is the fruit of a defined sensitivity.


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  • Supra Cufflinks

    Cufflinks in sterling silver with a matte finish with two pink vintage watch movements.Dimensions of clock movements (non-functional) of approximately 15 × 13 mm (0.59 × 0.51 inches)

    535 €
  • Supra Earrings
    DEC-SE 1.1

    Sterling silver earrings with identical rectangular pink vintage watch movements.Dimensions:# Clock movements (non-functional): 15 × 13 mm (0.59 × 0.51 in) approximately.# Total length: approximately 36 mm (1.42 inches).

    513 €
  • Cufflinks Silver

    Cufflinks in sterling silver with matte finish with identical silver vintage watch movements.Dimensions of the clock movements (non-functional) of 14 × 10 mm (0.55 × 0.39 inches)approximately.

    291 €
  • Alpha Pendant

    Handmade pendant in sterling silver with a round movement of vintage silver color.Includes black, gray or burgundy satin mouse tail cord with sterling silver carabiner clasp.Dimensions of clock movement (non-functional): 15 mm (0.59 inches) in diameter approximately.

    125 €
  • Alpha-Tempus Fugit Ring

    Ring in sterling silver that includes a vintage movement of silver round watch.Dimensions of clock movement (non-functional): 15 mm (0.59 inches) in diameter approximately.

    206 €
  • Tempus-Fugit Beta Ring

    Ring in sterling silver that includes a vintage movement of clock with rectangular shape and silver color.Dimensions of clock movement (non-functional): 13 × 17 mm (0.53 × 0.67 inches) approximately.

    206 €
  • Concord Ring

    Hand-crafted double-edged ring in sterling silver with garnet cabochon and a vintage silver round watch movement.Dimensions:Watch movement (non-functional): 15 mm (0.59 inches) in diameter approximately.Garnet cabochon: approximately 5 mm (0.20 inches).

    228 €
  • Beta Charm

    Handmade sterling silver pendant with a rectangular silver-coloured vintage watch movement. Free black, grey or red rattail satin cord with sterling silver lobster clasp included. Watch movement (non-functional) dimensions: 13×17 mm (0.53×0.67 in) approximately. It can be weared alone or combined with other pieces, like our Reasón Necklace.

    125 €
  • Ode to Waltham Charm

    Reversible handmade sterling silver round pendant, with a silver-coloured antique pocket watch movement and sterling silver hoop with claws and bail.Includes top quality hand braided leather necklace with sterling silver lobster clasp. Dimensions: Length: 62 cm (24.41 in) Approximately. Pocket watch movement (non-functional): 38 mm (14.96 in) diameter...

    848 €
  • Earrings "Fan"- Metrópoli Collection
    SPN-Lote 0

    Earrings FanEarrings made of anodized titanium and sterling silver with satin finish.Dimensions: 26 x 15 mm.

    200 €
  • Earrings Workers City- Metrópoli Collection

    Earrings Workers CityEarrings made of sterling silver and titanium. The silver has been patinated, so its dark gray finish contrasts with the iridescent and colorful surface of anodized titanium, highlighting its rich color.Dimensions: 54 x 10 mm.

    285 €
  • Fan Pendant- Metrópolis Collection

    Anodized titanium pendant and sterling silver with satin finish. It has a white faceted topaz of 4 mm.Dimensions: 45 x 38 mm. 450 mm silver cord.

    351 €