Decimononic-Designer-Jewel - Quoniam

Promoted by Irene López and José Francisco Alfaya, DECIMONONIC is an experimental

transdisciplinary project that began in 2010, with avant-garde jewellery as the main focus. DECIMONONIC's creations aim for singularity through its main sources of inspiration, such as different 19th century artistic trends and streams of thought, and various retro-futurisms associated therewith: Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Symbolism and Decadentism, in conjunction with retro-futurisms such as Steampunk or Dieselpunk. Also, its pieces convey an underlying feel for the Victorian and post-Victorian era, together with the birth of the industrial culture and biomechanics.

Decimononic aims to become a comprehensive aesthetic offering with its special imagery – a universe of its own that is the fruit of a defined sensitivity.


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