Rafael Alemany-Jewel Designer-Silver-ancient-small-Sculpture - Quoniam
Rafael Alemany

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Professor of Artistic Studies since 1993. Connected to the world of fine arts with workshops with artists such as José María Iturralde, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Jaume Plensa, etc. Of the pieces made by hand. Illuminated by a text that helps you feel the poetics of each piece and a connection with the most intimate needs.

The main materials are silver and bronze, for their ability to reflect light, to take our body temperature, to get in touch with our ancestral past. Elaborated as single pieces or in series of small runs. Signed using a contrasting punch and certified by the author. He presented his first sample of pieces of jewelry in the last edition of Madridjoya (September 2014).

Collective exhibition in the area Food Arts (February 2015), Madrid. Publication in the magazine "Glamor" Spain, "With seal MADE IN SPAIN" (April 2015)

Rafael Alemany

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