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How is Quoniam Privacy Policy?

Please, see privacy policy.

How can I buy in Quoniam website?

Click on the link in the start page “Register Now/sing in” and fill in the boxes with the requested data.   The form will ask you to introduce an email and a password. Your personal data has to be authentic and correct too.  Quoniam will unregister any untrusted or manipulated registered client.

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions and accept them specifically clicking on the box as you accept them in order to complete the user registry in quoniam.es

From then you will act as bidder or buyer at quoniam.es

May I change my data once registered as a user?

From the “My account” section you will be able to change your data, as same as the user code and password to get access to the bids.

How can I unregister?

If you would like to unregister as a user, please get in contact with us by email or phone.

My data will be visible for other people or other users?

Quoniam applies a restricted Privacy Policy for each user. The registry form is made in safe and encrypted conditions. Once registered, date authenticity is checked and the register request may be approved or denied.   Provide data are only used for future invoicing or delivery purposes.

Is it necessary to register as a user to use the website?

No, you can use our website without being registered, although it is always necessary to be registered to make a purchase.


How do I register to bid at Quoniam website?

Please Click on the link in the start page “sing in/register” and fill in the boxes with the requested data.   The form will ask you to introduce an email and a password. Your personal data has to be authentic and correct too.  Quoniam will unregister any untrusted or manipulated registered client;

How can I bid?

Enter a bid in the “Auto bid to” box, which appears at the far right of the lot being auctioned.

You can enter your bids at any time during the period of the auction.

How  can I contact if I have questions about a specific lot?

if you require information about a specific lot, you can contact us either by email at info@quoniam.es or by phone on 00 34 915502313.

What is the ”reserve price”?

Reserve price is the confidential minimum price agreed upon between the seller and Quoniam. Reserves must be set at or below the low estimate, and if bidding ends before the reserve is reached, the item will not be sold.

What is the automatic bidding system?

Automatic bidding system consists of entering the maximum amount that you are prepared to pay for an item in the “Auto bid to” box. This amount is not visible to other users; the system will bid in your name using the amount necessary in accordance with the Table of bidding increments to keep you as the highest bidder until the amount you entered is reached. 

Do I have to pay any fee/commission on the final price if I am the winner?

Yes, the buyer has to pay a 15% commission fee plus the correspondent VAT

Once the article has been paid, how is it delivered?

The article can be picked up in our office located in Madrid, C/ Andrés Mellado, 88 – Madrid or be sent by a delivery agency (insured delivery).  The delivery costs are charged to the buyer.  

May I cancel the purchase if the item does not correspond with the provided description?

A purchase can only be cancelled when either the written description either the pictures do not reflect the real conditions of the piece or if there are considerable defects not reflected in the written or graphic information.  The purchase will neither be valid in case of non-authenticity; this aspect will have to be properly justified by experts on the subject.

Quoniam will return the total amount of the purchase plus commissions plus VAT.  Quoniam will not give back the delivery costs neither any other cost related to the purchase process.   Any complaint about authenticity must be addressed to the seller as Quoniam does not assume the authenticity of the piece and acts only as an intermediary.



How can I sell my pieces in quoniam.es?

You can reach us by phone +34 915 502 313 or by email info@quoniam.esand provide us with the most complete information about the items you are interested to auction. Please send us pictures where details can be recognized.  You can also visit us at our premises in Madrid at Andrés Mellado, 88 (Monday-Friday: 10 am to 2 pm and 5pm to 8 pm; Saturdays: 10 am to 2 pm). If you are looking to sell a large group of property or to liquidate an Estate, we also visit your home with no obligation.

Quoniam reserves the right to accept them or not to be auctioned.

 If my pieces are accepted by Quoniam, how do I deposit them?

Both parties sign off a “Deposit Auction Contract” in which all the itemsto be auctioned will be detailed together with the reserve price, the seller´s commission and all the obligations to be complied by the parties

How the reserve price is set? 

The reserve price will be decided in mutual agreement between you and Quoniam and it will be the starting auction price or not.   Quoniam will not sale the piece below that price unless you approve it expressly.

Is there any commission over the final sale price?

Once the sale is done, Quoniam will deduct the agreed percentage as a commission fee plus the correspondent VAT.

May I take away any of my pieces being already auctioned?

If you unilaterally decide to take away a piece already in auction, you shall pay to Quoniam a 25% commission fee on the starting sale price of the piece plus the correspondent VAT.

Do I have to pay any extra cost apart from the already mentioned?

Only if any restoration, cleaning or framing etc. work of the piece is produced or if any external consultancy service is required in mutual agreement by the two parties.  In these cases, the expenses will be paid by yourself and you shall pay them whether the object will be sold or not.

 Do I have to pay any storage fee when I deposit my pieces?

Once past 30 days from the closure of the auction if the non sold lots are not retired, unless specific agreement with Quoniam, the weekly storage fees will be up to 10€ by piece of any category.   Once past three months, Quoniam will be allowed to auction the piece again with free sale price.

When will I receive the amount of my sold lots?

The liquidation of the auctioned and sold lots will be done within 30 days after the date of sale of the price on condition that they have been already paid by the buyer.


How do I find a specific item?

Search in the different sections of our online GALLERY: Designer Jewellery, Graphic Artwork, Emerging Art, etc. Within these, you will find a selection of items that we have for direct sale.

What do I have to do to place an order? 

Choose the item that you want and click the "Add to my basket" button to add the item to your order.

Go into “My Basket" by clicking the icon at the top right of the screen, where the number of items selected is shown. Check that the item(s) selected is/are what you want and click “Proceed to checkout” to continue with the processing of your order.

You must create a user account if you are buying on Quoniam for the first time; otherwise, you must log in with your email address and password. Enter your personal data, the invoicing address and the required delivery address.

How is my order sent?

You can select your preferred mode of transportation:


  •         Collect your order directly in the shop. We will send you an email advising you of the day on which you can come to our shop at Andrés Mellado, 88 in Madrid.
  •         We send your order wherever you want. The shipping cost can vary depending on the item selected, the place of delivery, its value and its physical characteristics.

 How can I pay for my order?

 You can choose whichever of the following payment methods that best suits you:


  •         Cash payment or payment by bank card in the shop
  •         Bank transfer
  •         Virtual payment with a card
  •         PayPal

The price that appears on our website is a final price, which includes all taxes. Thus, there are no last minute surprises.

Can I return the item purchased?

Refer to our returns policy